Master the Mac – Day 2

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Mastering the 4 Big Productivity Applications Everyone should own.


Today, I wanted to discuss the Big 4 Productivity Applications everyone should have. What’s more, all but one has a freemium plan and the fourth app is very affordable. Finally, there’s a bigger picture to the use of these applications – you have the option of going paperless – which is a huge productivity boost.

Let’s look at the Big 4 applications now!

It’s often said, it’s not if your hard drive will crash, it’s when. Are you prepared to lose all your data, your images, your documents? One of the best practices of backing up your computer is to ensure you have at least one offsite backup. And what better offsite than in the Cloud.

Our FIRST must have Productivity Application is BackBlaze. I’ve used BackBlaze for a number of years and it’s easily the best system out there. Their personal plan is only $50 a year and $50 is insurance well spent. If you do anything, please ensure you have a valid backup of your computer.

Our SECOND must have Productivity Application is DropBox. DropBox is like a thumb drive in the Cloud (except without the possibility of introducing a virus.) If you have more than one computer, a work computer, and a personal computer, for example, DropBox is invaluable for continuity in working on files. It’s free and the upgrade is more than reasonably priced.

Our THIRD must have Productivity Application is Evernote. Evernote is a little different. Whereas DropBox is a virtual disk drive, Evernote is a complete filing system with some really interesting extra features. With Evernote, your files are retrievable by tag, by title, and with the paid version’s OCR, by any word within a document. It also facilitates clipping articles off the web as well as acts as a screen saver. All filed neatly in the Evernote Cloud servers.

Our FOURTH must have Productivity Application is Dashlane. Dashlane is a password protection program that has won numerous awards and for good reason. There are a number of excellent password protection programs but Dashlane is cloud-based and manages all your personal financial data, like credit cards and bank account numbers. If you’re interested in learning more about password best practices, here’s our post on Password Strategies the Easy Way.

Okay, we covered the Four Top, Must Have, Productivity Applications you absolutely need. Here’s our bonus. You can use these applications to develop your own paperless system. Paperless is the absolute best way to go to improve your Productivity and here’s our article that discusses The Complete Guide on How to Go Paperless.

Thanks again for your interest in this series. Tomorrow, we’ll cover Going Chrome and explore Extensions that will make you knowledgeable and efficient.


Until then, best wishes,

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