Master the Mac – Day 1

(Last Updated On: September 30, 2017)

Master Productivity on your Mac and it will carry over to all your computer endeavors.


On Day 1 of this 3-day series, we’re going to show you the heart of what it takes to really master your Mac. These quick emails will consolidate this knowledge to make you a Mac Ninja with potential. Some of these tricks you may already know, but I guarantee you there will be a bunch that are new and that will really help you in your personal and business life.

Most of the apps we’ll discuss are free or have a free version. Some of the apps are paid and we may include an affiliate link. Be advised however, that we use and highly recommend all the services discussed here and you never pay more for deciding to go with one of our recommendations.

Here’s how this series is broken down:

  1. Day 1 (today) – the essential Mac keyboard shortcuts you must memorize.
  2. Day 2 – Productivity applications – the Big 4.
  3. Day 3 – Going Google, Chrome and Exploring Extensions that will make you knowledgeable and efficient.

Okay, let’s go.

The following shortcut keys are critical to mastering your Mac and are used in almost any application.

  1. What applications are open on your Mac? and how can you easily switch to another application – “Command TAB
    1. (by continuing to hit TAB you will go through the applications – you can hit the “Q” key to quit and select the application to go to it.
  2. Force Quitting an application that has hung up – “Command Option ESC” –
    1. a window will pop up to allow you to quit the errant application.
  3. How to quickly open an application – “Command Spacebar” 
    1. then start typing the name of the application in the Spotlight search bar.
  4. Cut, Copy, Paste, Undo and Redo – “Command X, C, V, Z, Shift Z –
    1. You’ll use these actions continuously – make sure you memorize them.
    2. Use “Command A” to select all. This is useful in conjunction with the commands above.
  5. Find something fast in your browser or document – “Command F” 
    1. This will even show the number of occurrences.
  6. Take a full-screen shot or a specific screen area – “Command Shift 3 and 4” 
    1. With command shift 4 you will be presented a crosshair that you can click and drag to capture the screen area you want to capture.
    2. Additionally, you can hit the spacebar to select the active window. Click your mouse or trackpad to save the file.
  7. You can usually use the “ESC” key to exit out of most situations.
  8. Finally, when you’re ready to quit – “Control Eject”
    1. (bottom left and top right) and select Restart, Sleep, Cancel or ShutDown.

There are more commands but the above are the ones I use on a consistent basis and are the most helpful shortcut key commands to help you master your mac. Try them out and refer to this email to refresh your memory.

Until then, best wishes,

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