Hi, I'm Thad Brown of SoloingOnline.

Thad M Brown of SoloingOnline

I definitely have multiple interests. One could call me a...

  • Start-up and turn-around professional
  • Financial specialist - CPA, CFP, Masters in Tax Law
  • Husband, father, and grandfather - truly love those grandkids
  • WordPress fanatic
  • Business teacher
Actually, I love helping people understand and implement technology to automate tasks and give people freedom and control over their business or profession.

A little more about me...

  • I managed a number of multi-billion dollar investment firms
  • I completed college with honors in one and one-half years taking advanced tests and heavy, heavy loads
  • I had my CPA designation in California, Colorado and now Texas
  • I'm an audiophile, love music, learning, fly fishing, and landscape photography
  • I went through a corporate raider shareholder suit, as CFO of a NYSE listed company - and won

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