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How to Master Graphics on your Website

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A picture is worth a thousand words We've probably all heard that statement over a thousand times - but when it comes to mastering website graphics on the Internet, images, graphics, and videos are certainly instrumental in presenting information effectively and efficiently. What you're going to accomplish with this post will amaze you. Why? Because, here's a system that quickly and easily will allow you to create, manage and present visual information on your website and related business presentations in ...

What's the best business and tax entity to operate your Internet venture?

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Understand there are business entities, there are taxable entities, and there are exceptions Although it pays to work with legal and accounting professionals when choosing your business entity, by understanding the big picture, you will be in a much better position to strategize with your business consultants. Here's a rundown of the various business entities, the tax entity options, an analysis of the considerations in choosing the correct entity and some summary recommendations. Business entities are the legal organizations used ...

Password strategies the easy way

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How am I supposed to manage my passwords? According to recent surveys, the average person has 27  to 118 passwords. I would suggest these numbers may even be low as I have over 500 passwords. Maybe I'm an outlier, though. Why should I even care? Many tend to follow the "head in the sand" system for managing their passwords. Of course, the primary reason should be the security of our information. There is, however, another practical reason, convenience. How often are ...